In alema we organize outings at the request of our customers. Through a short questionnaire, we seek the tour that best suits your needs (in terms of duration, difficulty, area, day...).
We have about 200 routes in the province of Granada.

/for that purpose...

YOU just choose...

  • Duration: from 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 up to 11 hours.
  • Difficulty: LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH or VERY HIGH (according to your previous experience).
  • Day: MONDAY to SUNDAY (any day of the week, the whole year).

WE offer you:

  • A hiking route along some of the most impressing places in the province of Granada.
  • Botanical, fauna, geological and ecological highlights.
  • Transport to the beginning of the route, and back to your place.
  • Insurance for accidents and rescue.


/fares 2020

  2-4 hours route 4-6 hours route 6-11 hours route
1-3 people: 20€
(1 hour rate between 10,00€ and 5,00€)
(1 hour rate between 6,87€ and 4,58€)
(1 hour rate between 5,83€ and 3,18€)
4-7 people: 16€
(1 hour rate between 8,00€ and 4,00€)
(1 hour rate between 5,75€ and 3,83€)
(1 hour rate between 5,00€ and 2,73€)
(Price per person. It includes transport to the starting point of the route, plus accident and rescue insurance.
V.A.T. not included.)


Our intention is to offer a high-quality service.
Because of this, we only work with small groups, from 1 to 7 persons.
Doing so, we will cause a lower degradation of the natural environment.