alema. f. Portion of irrigation water distributed by turn. (D.R.A.E.)

alemaalema we are NATURE GUIDES. Our passion is hiking (low, medium and high mountain). We need to enjoy nature and unveil its secrets to other people, and this is what has taken us to alema.

alemaAnd especially, the province of Granada. It is one of the most privileged places in the whole Europe. Our delightful and varied landscapes are home to a remarkable biodiversity. The massif of Sierra Nevada rises here, with its wide variety of ecosystems: lakes of glacial origin, high mountain meadows and thickets, Mediterranean forests, streams, "borreguiles", "cascajares"… These are home to rich botanical (some 2100 catalogued species, of which 80 are endemic) and animal variety (over 100 endemic insects).

alemaFor alema hiking and natural values go hand in hand. Environmental Education is our basis, as we believe that getting to know nature will make us feel respect for it —and of course take care of and love it—. Hiking is the human activity that has a lowest impact on the environment. It is also the easiest way to reach natural spaces, and get to know and enjoy them. At the same time, hiking is essential to safeguard paths and bring to life forgotten tracks, alema which are a major ethnographic patrimony. Routes which used to be a way of communication between villages and regions can now be enjoyed by hikers.

We want you to breathe the purest air, to practice sport, to know a little better your natural surroundings, and to meet people who, as you do, love nature.


What is ecotourism?

Environmentally responsible travel to natural areas, in order to enjoy and appreciate nature (and accompanying cultural features, both past and present) that promote conservation, have a low visitor impact and provide for beneficially active socio-economic involvement of local peoples.

Sustainable Tourism guidelines:

  • Protect the environment, its flora, fauna and landscape.
  • Respect local cultures, traditions, religions and built heritage.
  • Benefit local communities, both economically and socially.
  • Conserve natural resources, from home or office to destination.
  • Minimise pollution – noise, waste and congestion.